Product – Mandrelcoat-4055

Product – Mandrelcoat-4055



MANDRELCOAT is a proven indigenous Substitute for the “Deltaforge 1096S"

In continuous Tube rolling mills, seamless tubes are shaped by rolling an ingot preform heated to 1200C to 1300C over a Mandrel. After each rolling operation, the Mandrel is cooled to about 100C and then coated with Lubricant prior to commencing the next rolling cycle.

The Lubricant should be smokeless, must provide optimum sliding of the ingot on the mandrel during rolling and should result in an optimum quality inner surface of the tube. The time available from Mandrel cooling to next rolling operation is about 5 seconds, Hence the Lubricant should be sprayed and dried to form a uniform, strong and adhesive film of preferred thickness on the mandrel within this time. The MANDRELCOAT meets all these requirements effectively.The Mandrelcoat forms a smooth lubricating protective film on application. The resulting coating is fast drying, resistant to water and shows excellent adhesion to the mandrel surface. The formulation is such that a coating thickness of upto 30microns is formed and being water based is smokeless, ensuring a clean work environment and zero pollution.

It has been tested for shelf life, suspension properties and pot-life when in use and when left standing. Mandrelcoat shows excellent


MANDRELCOAT is a concentrated dispersion of pure ultra fine graphite particles in water, formulated for quick drying and excellent adhesion properties.

Consistency : Thixotropic. It forms a weak gel on standing. Mild stirring/agitation breaks the gel structure and properties of a liquid become evident.

Density : 1.20 Kgs/Litre. Hydrometer for heavy liquids or by gravimetry.

PH : 9.0 to 10.5. Beckman or equivalent digital ph – meter.

Solid Contents : 40 gm% to 42 gm% w/w, by gravimetry. Being thixotropic it gels on standing. The degree of gelling is no indication of solid content.

Shelf – life : 1 Year.


Excellent stability with no separation or settling.

Uniform film of upto 30microns thick, is almost    instantly formed.

Fast Drying, under 5 seconds when sprayed on a 100C Mandrel.

Fast wetting properties.

Excellent lubricity.

Essentially odorless.

Smokeless water-based die lubricant.

No heavy metals or phosphates.


Recommended for Automatic systems.


Mandrelcoat is a concentrate and should normally be diluted before use. Tap water may be used for dilution. If tap water is high in TDS, distilled, demineralised or soft water may be used. Dilution should be carried out by adding water to the concentrate not the reverse. Water should be added slowly with constant stirring until a fluid consistency is obtained.


Recommended dilution ratio.

A ratio of one part Mandrelcoat to 1 part water v/v is proposed for startup.

Ratios of 1:2 are common during production.


Equipment for quick dilution to required ratios and thorough mixing is available against specific orders from our engineering division. General purpose manual spray systems and Automatic spray systems designed for the particular application to ensure correct use of the lubricant are also available.

You may please forward your enquiries to the address given on contact us page for quick replies and services.


Mandrelcoat is stable with anionic or non-ionic chemicals such as wetting agents or emulsifiers, water miscible solvents such as alcohols, glycols and other polar solvents. It is not compatible with non-polar or water immiscible solvents. Mineral acids will completely & irreversibly precipitate the graphite from suspension and cause the graphite particles to settle down as sediment leaving a clear aqueous supernatant.


Vessels made of Stainless steel, or steel coated with rust resistant material, or FRP should be used for this product. Tanks, piping and handling equipment should be cleaned with plain soap and water, to remove any deposits due to evaporation. Freezing temperatures during storage must be avoided.


MANDRELCOAT causes only minor transient skin and eye irritation. Use of protective clear goggles and approved respirators for protection against dust is recommended. Work place air-borne concentration of dried MANDRELCOAT dust should not exceed 6mg/m3, total mass.


MANDRELCOAT is supplied in 40Kgs Carboy and 200Kgs HDPE Barrel packing.


MANDRELCOAT should be stored in a cool dry place and should not be allowed to freeze. Containers should be tightly resealed after use to prevent loss of ammonia vapours. Forgecoat should not be mixed /diluted with any diluents having an acidic ph.